What a story
A vision.

A team.

Leverage Group.

«The answer is Leverage Group, a community that aims to speed up the personal and professional growth of those who decide to try their hand at these fields and at the same time offers the opportunity for a growing business».

Who we are

Who we are

The Leverage Group , a group of people, a family, which grows together through the tools of online business!

Cos'è il Network?

Many people continue to say that the world of work is changing. This statement is wrong and creates a wrong perspective on things. The world of work is not changing. The world of work has changed. Before, people used to go shopping in the "local shop" precisely because it was close to home. Today the courier takes it directly to your home.

In 2020, the increase in online purchases is 227 % .This is to tell you what? That strong crises bring with them important opportunities.Today the entrepreneur is no longer the person who opens a physical company by overloading himself with taxes, expenses and responsibilities that are sometimes bigger than him.Today the entrepreneur is also the one who leads millions of turnover to companies simply by saying “to buy, swipe up”. Today it is an entrepreneur who monetizes with an ecommerce using a computer, from home, in slippers.

So why does Leverage exist?

Leverage was created for this: to
awareness and tools on how to become
an entrepreneur 2.0.
Is it easy? Obviously not. If it were that simple
everyone would do it and you know that the choice
to live as an entrepreneur is a life choice and involves great effort.

Guess: you won't get rich without doing anything.

Leverage is not a workgroup that teaches you how to monetize quickly and easily with no effort - that's science fiction.

Leverage is not a network marketing company - today the Leverage group exploits this business model by relying on already existing, stable and transparent multinationals.

Leverage is not a public company - we would like to, but no. Leverage is an srls founded with a share capital of € 1. You're right, it would have been more original to put a less discounted number… like 3 €. The only reason it exists as a company is out of necessity to be able to organize training events on a regular basis.

are not

A vision. A team

What we are


We propose a new vision of the world of work, with great growth prospects for those who want to get involved.


We support each other, we work together, we grow together. When each individual working for himself also works for the collective, the term "unity is strength" becomes more true than ever.


The world in which we operate allows you to create a network of acquaintances of people you can trust, a network of contacts that will be useful to you throughout your life.



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